We offer our corporate clientele a diverse and dynamic set of services. First and foremost we have the experience to deliver marketing videos which serve different purposes for different clients. Some can develop your message while others may want to detail a specific aspect of your company or highlight a current campaign you want to bring attention to. NMG also realizes each company has contrasting needs from large scale projects to those that can be shot in a day and delivered to you quickly. Give us a chance to help you in whichever way you want to go!

We have provided companies everything from shooting select workshops to orientations to seminars. We also have the background to put together your message via a public service announcement as we did for our client, AMIkids. They are a non for profit organization which helps kids all over the country. They needed to get their current message out. We not only wrote, edited and shot this spot but helped them recruit its spokesperson NFL star Anthony Hargrove, who has proven to be the perfect fit for their company.

NMG can also transform a simple request and make it look better. Our client Elite Gamespeed, which is a full service training facility for both professional and amateur athletes simply wanted a video showcasing its different training classes. We took the job a step further and dressed up the different sessions with graphics, music and enhanced production value. The result was a better product to reach its consumers.